Museum was included as a member of the International Councils of Museums

Museum of Russian Impressionism

The Museum of Russian Impressionism is a personal, philanthropic project of its founder Boris Mints. It was opened in Moscow on 28 May 2016 on Leningradskiy Prospect. The permanent exposition is based on more than 70 artworks of notable Russian artists (such as Igor Grabar, Konstantin Yuon, Petr Konchalovsky, Yuri Pimenov, etc.) and it covers a considerable chronological range starting with earliest painting by Konstantin Korovin ‘In The Park’ (1880s). The most recent works are those by Valery Koshlyakov – the series ‘Postcards’ dating from 2012.

The work done by the team at the museum has been recognized by the international art community. The museum was included as a member of the prestigious International Council of Museums (ICOM).


Museum is the main adornment of “Bolshevik” complex


The permanent exposition of the Museum covers a considerable chronological range


The pure atmosphere allows the viewers to enjoy pictures without any distractions


Museum of Russian impressionism is an actual, modern and comfortable space open for the special projects


On the 1st floor a giant video installation by Jean Christophe welcomes the visitors

Inclusive projects

The department of Inclusive Projects of the Museum of Russian Impressionism successfully adapts the museum space and involves more and more people with various forms of disability in social life every year. There are already guided tours and masterclasses on hand-written painting, on an ongoing basis as well as for children and adults with mental disabilities. A permanent exhibition breaks down the barriers of the ordinary worldview, giving the opportunity to see the tactile side of painting to smell it, and soon to hear it, which also makes it accessible to blind people.

Initiatives and Projects