BMI was founded to encourage research, planning and innovative thinking

The Boris Mints Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions to Global Challenges (BMI)

The Boris Mints Institute (BMI) is based on The Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences in Tel Aviv University. According to Boris Mints himself, ‘Israel is the birthplace of our civilization and thus there is no better place to study the most pressing concerns facing our civilization today’.


BMI was founded with the intention to encourage research, planning and innovative thinking in order to promote a significant positive change in the world. BMI supports highly applied, practical and solutions-driven research, which is conducted by bright M.A and PhD students under the supervision of internationally renowned senior scientists. The main research fields of the BMI are: food security, health issues, renewable energy, conflict resolution, etc. BMI addresses these challenges by operating on two levels: creating unique research grants and scholarships, as well as organizing disseminations and conferences focusing on contemporary global challenges. In the face of so many challenges in the contemporary world, BMI periodically brings together the best researchers and highly respected members of the international community to reflect on those challenges and suggest strategic policy remedies. Moreover, in 2017 BMI established the BMI Prize for Outstanding Individuals.


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The BMI Prize

The BMI Prize was established in 2017 to encourage invaluable research focusing on one of the global challenges. It was founded with the clear understanding of how thirsty the world is for innovative, ground-breaking policy solutions to promote environmental sustainability, ensure food security, health and access to energy for all, and eradicate poverty and international conflict. BMI will award a US$100,000 prize to an exceptional individual who has devoted his/her research and academic life to the solution of a strategic global challenge, and whose research and ideas have had a transformative impact on global policy formation, and a proven contribution to the welfare of a significant number of communities worldwide. The BMI Prize is granted according to merit, without discrimination based on gender, race, religion, nationality, or political affiliation. The prize ceremony will be held in Tel Aviv University in the presence of all nominees.

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